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GROUP 13 Derp Team <3

I felt so great to be reunited with my TRAINEES and my TRAINER PARTNER!!!
I’m so proud of my TRAINEES and I’m so overwhelmed with all the grand trainees that I have!!! We’re missing my SQUARE, Norma :( but she’s there! 

PARTNER!!! Even though he tried to get me sick when visiting him, he’s a great friend and a great partner!!! Thanks for always being so wise and reasonable and keeping me grounded when I was kinda all over the place!!! I hope you feel better, even though I’m starting to get sick -____- Even though he’s derpy, he knows how to put a smile on my face! :D

My TRAINEES, Beverly and Eileen!!! These two girls are like the best!!! It was really nice catching up with them and having late night chats just the three of us!!! I think we could have talked for hours and have endless conversations!!! We’re always going to be there for each other!!! I love them <3 

HIGHLIGHT: Eileen and I did hoodrat things and jumped a fence! 

1 year ago
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Posted on November 8th at 3:09 AM
  1. smilingyellowpopcorn said: AWWWWW!!! I’M HAPPY TO SEE YOU AGAIN! :) <3
  2. boredbev said: what about your sponsoree LOL
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